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Coco 7

This South London born female rapper is no stranger to the music game! She happily boasts that her father, a member of the Birmingham based Bizmark Sound – had her holding a microphone from the tender age of 3 and has been dabbling with her lyrical prowess and delivery ever since! Having started her musical journey over Jungle and Drum n Base, Coco 7 then progressed into Garage (in girl group K’s Angels) and Rap and has collaborated with group members of the Big Brovaz collective, K2 family + many more talented underground musicians! This female raptress bars and styles know no boundaries having also collaborated with many big and exciting producers in the game; most Notably H Money / Harmony Samuels – He has produced a multitude of hits for artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Chip, Michelle Williams, Fantasia and many, many more.

Coco 7even (formerly known as Coco S) is back with her latest project, which seeks to fuse fashion and music through a conceptual track dedicated to a late fashion Icon! The single is set to blow the London music and fashion scene out of the water! Remember where you heard it first!

If you want to catch a flavour of this London Lady’s vibe – Head over to her Soundcloud page where you can hear her first ever mixtape released several years ago entitled: Flow-a-thon! When asked about her mixtape she note’s:

I was playing around with names at the time and was and still am very much inspired by the likes of Floetry and  Missy Elliott, and I named my mix tape the Flow-a-thon because I knew I had the stamina to deliver it, coupled with the fact that I was giving them a mixture of flows and styles, but most importantly I gave it this name because every race needs a pacemaker – so I decided this role would be quite fitting to my own musical journey – slow and steady wins the race!

Isabella Blow – The single, available for Pre-Order Today
Google store:…/music/album/Coco_7_Isabella_Blow…




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