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As seen on Channel 4 and Sky TV ‘Supersize Kids’

Meet Nature’s advocate Erran Warden; Nutritional Therapist, Professional sports coach and star of Channel 4 and Sky TVs ‘Supersize Kids’ -On A Diet – who swears by the power of natural, raw juice. A strong believer in helping the body to heal itself, and now witnessed by millions on TV; over the course of a few months, Erran took a 26 stone overweight teen on an emotional rollercoaster of diet and exercise dramatically reducing his weight. 

When first aired on Channel 4, the sheer volume of emails and positive viewer comments overwhelmed Channel 4’s website causing it to crash! View the emotional rollercoaster of drama here:

We are proud to work with this nutritional and health conscious brand and look forward to devising a PR schedule to facilitate their up-coming projects and events!

Go Juice Detox – Campaign Shoot

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