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SMPR London – London’s Creative Industries, Underground PR machineWe’ve got the keys to the city, that’s why they call us the plug!

We specialise in bringing unique concepts, campaigns and collaborations to market via our boutique agency.

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Ultimately, we manage the reputation of your business or brand whilst engineering promotional activities and content to help boost and create buzz amongst your target audience – be it to stay relevant or to be discovered, whatever the guise we have adaptable out-side the box creative strategies to ensure your objectives are met!

As a result – our unique way of thinking has allowed our agency to become a highly sought-out driving force behind profile raising campaigns. The outcome is always a shiny winner due to our in-house professional creative teams, creative partners and PR and marketing know-how !

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We house a range of professional creatives including graphic designers, web designers , photographers, film production specialists and social media specialists when needed – to provide you with a high quality, full service at freelance prices.

Our business strongly believes in discovering and un-earthing exceptional creative talent, and as our city “ From the underground to the over ground we’ll help you plan the best route to your success…”streets are pathed in creative gold  this has not been too much of a challenge for us! We have an acute eye for creativity and are visually astute. We’ve built up a reputable and reliable understanding in the fields that we operate within and have built an exceptional list of key contacts to help us promote and deliver successful campaigns for our clients.

Smpr’s bespoke, creative solutions generates awareness, builds traffic and most importantly creates results. Our clients can benefit from our resilient and relentless nature, and know that we never quit!  From the underground to the over ground…call us the Oracle because we’ve already thought about the best route to your success!

Ready to talk? Get in touch today for a free 20 minute telephone consultation to discuss your businesses best route to market and how best to engage with us!


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